John is 2 Months Old!

Dear John,

You're two months old! This month did go by a little more slowly than your first, but still TOO FAST! It was a good month, baby John.  You're sleeping better and even more, you're smiling and interacting more, and you are just so darling.  My angel.  We love you!

This month you got to spend more time with your dad! He's now as smitten with you as your brothers and I are! You are really a good baby.  You're patient when I have to attend to your brothers first, you rarely cry, and only if you're tired or hungry, and you love to snuggle.  You help me slow down and appreciate this time in life.  I find myself some times during each day just staring at you, or talking to you.  And I'm glad to see your dad and brothers do the same.

You've really started sleeping well at night. Thank you! You've been going down around 8:30-9 and sleeping to 5 or 6 or even sometimes 7.  Occasionally you wake up once before then and settle back down quickly.  You even slept in your own room once while your big brothers were out of town.  I'm a littler nervous to try it when your brothers are home because one of them (cough...Ethan...cough) is LOUD and takes a while to fall asleep. I'm worried he'll keep you up.  He's also a light sleeper, and I'm afraid of waking him in the middle of the night.  I know just have to bite the bullet and try it soon.  I'm sure you prefer your crib to the pack and play (now in my closet) anyway!

During the day, you have a hard time sleeping any where besides my arms or the car.  We're working on it.  A lot of times it is because I am busy with your brothers and don't have time to help you get into a good deep sleep, and we are also always taking someone somewhere or picking them up, etc. But again, we're working on getting into a good groove.  In the meantime, like I said, I'm enjoying having to slow down sometimes and just hold you.  You're an angel! I'll keep saying it!

You're still nursing well, maybe sometimes too fast?  You're growing. And my back is hurting! You're heavy! :-) You're just a big boy.  And you already have some fantastic rolls and I love it.  But my favorite thing about you is your smile! You've really started smiling and talking! I love the cooing.  You talk like you actually think you're saying something, and usually you are so very happy.  I love it.  And the fans and TV stands are no longer getting more smiles out of you than me.  I win! It is fun to watch the big boys try to get you to smile, too.  When they are successful, and Jacob is more often than Ethan I think because E is a little too rough, it lights up their world.  They get so excited.  They sure love you, and I hope you three will always be the best of friends.

We sure love you, sweet boy.  We're lucky, and so very grateful to have you.  I hope you always know that. It's great to be your mother.  You'll always be my baby John.

Love you forever,

How he felt about my taking pictures instead of feeding him.

*I'll add his two month stats after his appointment next week (if I remember)*

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Kindergarten Registration for Jacob!

We recently registered Jacob boy for kindergarten! Can't believe he's growing up so fast. Jacob and mom made a little date of the event.  We registered him, took a tour of the school and a bus (his favorite part), and grabbed dinner at his requested Wendy's.  It was a good night, even though he wasn't feeling great.  He was very nervous at school, but is so looking forward to riding the school bus. Since he wasn't feeling so hot, he ate one bite of a chicken nugget, and then shared a frosty with me. He's getting big!

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Jacob's 5th Birthday Party

Jacob wanted to have his extended family over and pizza for his fifth birthday, so that's what we did! He always has the best time with his cousins and loves his aunts and uncles and grandparents.  I'm so glad we live close to a lot of family!

We kept his actual birthday low-key.  He wanted to take a long bath and wear pajamas for dinner, so we let him.  He got to pick out a treat at the grocery store, and chose snickerdoodles.  We sang to him (and he was thrilled!), and then he got to open his birthday card that came in the mail from Mimi, his package from Nana and Grandpa Burt, and his present from us.

When the five dollar bills came pouring out! 
Action figures from Nana and Grandpa!

PUtting together his new bike! 
This was how I found him the next morning.  He still is working on riding it now, three months later. 

The next Saturday we had family over.  He had a really good day.  Bryan kept taking pictures of my pregnant self, and I was over it!

Happy birthday, Jacob boy!

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John's Blessing Day

In our church, babies are blessed and officially given a name by their fathers.  It is similar to a christening or dedication that other churches do.  We blessed our angel John on Sunday, March 26.  It was a rainy day, and pictures didn't go so well, and the Cats lost, but it was still a beautiful blessing and day.

Some bullet points of his blessing:

  • to live a healthy life
  • to be watched over and protected
  • to be able to form a testimony and have sure knowledge of Christ
  • to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • to use that gift as a source of inspiration, guidance, and comfort
  • to share that gift with others
  • to live his life in tune with the Spirit to know the will of God
  • to bless others
  • to be a worthy priesthood holder
  • to serve a mission and have success for himself and others
  • to be sealed, have a righteous family, and to be a good, worthy and strong father and husband
He was given the name John Hiram Wilson.  John means Jehovah has been gracious, and I certainly feel that in receiving our darling angel John! Hiram means exalted brother, and our John's brothers certainly treat him as such.  It just seems like such a fitting name for baby John!

Here are some photos!

I have the most sensitive eyes, so if I wasn't wearing sunglasses, I can assure you it wasn't as bright as my big boys acted.  Jacob was also sick, so was acting like a big drama queen.
Jenna kept looking at me as I ran back before the timer went off.  I guess I need to invest in a remote! 
Photobomb by Jacob! 
Our little family!

We ran out of time for photos before church, and John is sometimes grumpy in the afternoons, so this was how all the photos turned out that day.  I decided therefore to take some pictures of him in his outfit the following day. :-) 

His grin! 
His blanket was made by our dear friend, Pam Guedel.  She has made each of our boys one, and they are some of my favorite gifts. 

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John Meets Eleanor

My sister, Katie, had a baby girl just six days after John was born.  Eleanor Adeline was born February 15, and was just over 7 lbs.  I didn't realize just how big John was until we met Eleanor, and compared the two.  I also thought John had a lot of hair until we met her! She was a pretty average sized baby, and John looked like a beast next to her! I hope these two cousins will always be close!

Mimi and her #6 and #7 grandkids! Eleanor is her first granddaughter. The other six are boys! 

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2017 March Madness Photo

We were so hoping Kentucky could go all the way this year, but it was a fun season regardless.  Here's our annual March photo! Jacob wasn't feeling well, the sun was really bright, and we were in a hurry, but I'm still glad we took it.  And look at sweet John! Maybe next year, we'll actually touch and act like we like each other! We took this the night we defeated UCLA to head to the Elite Eight.  Go Cats! 

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John is 1 MONTH Old!

Dear John,

I'm starting your monthly letters, because you are one month old! The first month always goes by quickly, but your's was especially fast.  Probably because you have a February birthday, and it really was 2-3 days shorter than most months! We are so glad you are in our family.  It has been challenging to have three boys, especially with Daddy traveling, but really the adjustment has gone much smoother than I could have hoped.  The big boys, Jacob and Ethan, are absolutely in love with you.  They thank you almost daily for "coming out of Mommy's tummy!" I, too, am so glad you chose to come to earth.  We are so thankful for you.  Your name means Jehovah has been gracious, and I really believe he has been gracious to send you to us!

This first month has been so fun getting to know you.  You are, so far, a pretty serious guy.  You observe your surroundings.  You follow sounds, like voices (especially those you recognize). You LOVE ceiling fans.  Jacob finds that hilarious.  He always says, "He's looking at his fan again!" and laughs. You are usually very content.  You are still not a fan of getting your diaper changed, though you usually only cry if you want to eat.  You know what you want, and when you want it! You are a pretty great nurser, though sometimes you try to latch on too quickly!  You love to have your hair washed, but aren't a fan of getting the rest of your body cleaned.  You have a very stubborn umbilical cord stump that refuses to fall off, so you've only had sponge baths.  Maybe you'll like baths better when you actually get to be in the water! You have been a much better sleeper than one of your older brothers (I won't name names...), and usually do 3-4 hour stretches at night.  I'm so appreciative!

John, you are a pretty big guy! You were in the 93rd percentile at birth, but I've been wondering if you might go down a little.  But so far, you've stayed pretty big! Before you were born, I told Dad that I was a little jealous of people with chunky babies because we'd never had a chubby baby and I thought they were so cute! Then you came out.  You're pretty chubby.  You have very squishable, squeezable, kissable cheeks, and lots of rolls throughout your body.  You're pretty tall, too, but you still have newborn proportions, with a long trunk and short legs.  You wear 3 month clothes, but I'm not sure for how much longer. It is funny to compare your pictures with Jacob and Ethan's, because you're so much bigger than them! I wonder how long that will continue!

You are pretty sweet! You like to be held and snuggled for now and sometimes when you're alone, you like to call out, like you're calling for somebody to be with you.  You have two big brothers that are quick to answer! They have been very good with you, but sometimes Ethan is a little too rough.  You don't like that much.  He had a cold last week, and was very upset that he couldn't be around you very much.  It made him sad! Jacob is a good helper, and always wants hugs and kisses, and for you to lay in his bed with him! I think you have pretty great big brothers.  I hope you three will always be best buddies.

We sure love love love you, Baby John.  I don't know how long you'll let me call you that, but you'll always be my baby boy.  When I first held you tight on my chest, my heart grew a few sizes to make room for you.  And now you'll always have a place there. You are and always will be a beloved part of our family.  Each of us is so grateful to have you.  Can't wait to watch you grow up, but it also doesn't have to go quite as fast as this past month. ;-)

Love you forever and ever, John Hiram.


*1 Month Stats*
Weight: 12 lbs, 2 oz; 95th percentile 
Height: 23.5 inches; 100th percentile
Head: 15.25 inches; 91st percentile

Big guy, I guess! HAHAHA

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