John is Seven Months Old!

Dearest John,

You are seven months old! I can't believe how quickly these seven months have gone by.  I feel like I've not been a very good mom since you've been born, and the days usually feel so long. But looking back, the months have flown by.  You are such a joy, joy, JOY!! We love you so dearly.

Recently you started clapping and it is just the cutest thing ever.  You know it makes me so happy, since every time I see you do it, I cheer and "YAY!!!!" And every time I do, you break into an enormous smile.  You're still figuring it out, of course, but I love it! It has always been my favorite thing that my babies learn, and it's no different with you!

You're really rolling a lot now, too.  Maybe you're finally deciding that being in one place isn't as fun as you thought.  You are still a long way from crawling (and I'm NOT complaining!), but you can still roll where you want to go!  However, you're still usually just content to lay on your belly looking at a book or a toy. You're so laid back! I'm so thankful for that.  I think I'd have had a lot more troubling going from two to three kids had you not been.  I might have been even crazier than I am now, and no one would want that!

This month you also tried oatmeal! I think you like it, which probably has nothing to do with the fact I only mix it with breastmilk. ;-) You are, by far, the messiest eater of the three Wilson boys! I think more usually ends up on your face, clothes, bib, arms, legs, chair, towel under the chair, etc.  Heck, I even found some a few days ago on your eyelid, and I have no idea how you did that! We're still working on it! I hope to soon try out some avocado, maybe some veggies or eggs soon. I hope you aren't as picky as your oldest brother!

You are sleeping great. Hopefully this doesn't jinx that! You love sleeping.  The only time you get upset is when you're ready for a nap or bed and it isn't happening fast enough.  You even get more upset about that than you do when you're hungry.  So we try to sleep you before you upset.  And when I say upset, I mean you get angry at first, and then you are SO SAD.  Ethan has the saddest sad faces, but you have the saddest sad cry! It's heartbreaking! Luckily, it doesn't happen very often.  You're a happy, jolly, content baby boy.

You are getting more interested in things, like books (YAY!) and toys.  You love reading, especially Goodnight Moon. Probably because that's what we read you before your beloved sleep! But you will usually listen to books for as long as we'd like.  Your brothers love to read, so that's a fun activity for us all.  You are also very interested in your brothers.  You watch them closely, and you love when they give you tickles or play peek-a-boo or sing to you.  You have some pretty great brothers, and I hope they will always be protectors and helpers for you.

Your most favorite thing in the whole world, though, is MOM! Me! I'm so lucky.  You will snuggle with anyone, but I get the best cuddles. You smile at anyone, but save the best ones for me. You love clapping for me, and a lot of times you just light up to see me.  It makes me feel pretty special, and I wouldn't trade that feeling for the world.  I feel so privileged to be your mom and to get to spend my time with you.  Sometimes, I feel a little like I'm missing out on other opportunities, but you remind me every day that I'm where I need to be.  It's an honor, really.  You are an angel.

I can't believe so many months have gone by since I first held you in my arms.  You're growing, learning, laughing and smiling, and I'm so glad to have you in my life. We are so glad and thankful to have you in our family. You are truly an angel sent from God. We love you, angel baby John.

Forever and always,

7 Months Old! I took these pictures a day late on a Sunday.  Sundays are his worst days.  He had just been crying and he was so tired! Still a sweet, cute boy. 

His eyes are very interesting. And he's a little angel! He's still having some skin issues, obviously. :-( 

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Jacob's First Day of Kindergarten

Jacob started school!! I can't believe that he's old enough for kindergarten.  He was very nervous, but tried hard to be brave.  And so far, he is LOVING it! Especially riding the school bus. :-) I think he is going to thrive in school.  He loves learning and is very inquisitive, but is also stubborn and doesn't love to learn from me.  So, school is going to be great for him!

And I only cried a tiny bit, the first two days...or maybe there was just something in my eye...

Ethan had a rough first day, but the second day realized how he could talk without being interuppted, so now enjoys when Jacob is at school. 

I got to walk him to his classroom.  He put his backpack in his cubby, found his name, and sat right down like a pro!

My last view! He was trying so hard to be brave, but he was so nervous.  I almost went back into the room and grabbed him, but I did it! I walked away! And he loves school.  He was so ready. 

I picked him up from school his first day, but he refused to pose for a picture in the parking lot. 

We went to iHop for a celebratory dinner.  It was the boys' first time, and as a pancake lover, Jacob was in HEAVEN. He tried all the different syrups.

Loved it, but refused to smile. 
Would have loved it, but wasn't feeling well.
I think John was sad he didn't get to try any.  

 The next day Jacob asked if he could please ride the bus instead of our car.  I had planned to take him the entire first week, but nope! He even asked if I would please not come to the bus stop to pick him up. Fortunately for me, they require someone to be at the stop for kindergartners.

By the third day of school, he couldn't understand why I kept taking pictures. 

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Day Out With Thomas 2017

With Jacob starting kindergarten, we're afraid he's going to start growing up too fast and stop liking some of the things he enjoys that are more geared toward younger kids.  One of those things is Thomas the train! He has always enjoyed Thomas and Friends, and Ethan loves it, too, so we thought it was a perfect time to take them to the Day Out with Thomas.  We got to play with trains, listen to some fun kids music, see Sir Topham Hatt, and play on train bounce houses. And the best part: ride a real train with a Thomas engine! Though it was hot, the boys had a great time and it was so fun to see them enjoy something so much.

Playing at the train tables.  We have lots of wooden trains and track at our house, but Jacob never tires of it. 


All aboard the train.

All of the boys aboard the train! Ethan's hat is a little big for him, so you can't see his eyes in a lot of the pictures I took. 

It was a great afternoon! 
Jacob and Ethan both said they're favorite thing was the train bounce house.  When I asked if they didn't like the real train, they changed their answers to the train ride AND the bounce house. I think they had fun.  Sometimes I don't want them to grow up!

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John is SIX Months Old!

Dearest Baby John,

I LOVE YOU! Seriously every month I think you can't get anymore angel-like, and then you do it! You are our angel baby for sure.  I love watching you learn new things, and hearing you laugh, and cuddling all the time with you.  You'd cuddle all day I think. I wish I could do it all day! You rarely cry (only when very hungry or very tired or when Ethan hurts you), you sleep well, and you're content almost all the time. It's been such a pleasure to be your mom! And your father and brothers adore you, as well.

Speaking of your brothers, they have each started calling you by nicknames.  Ethan calls you John John, and Jacob calls you Johnny.  It's pretty endearing.  They love you.  Sometimes, yes, they want more attention, but they are so proud to be your big brothers. They tell everyone they see about you.  They both never stop hugging and kissing you, or touching you.  Sometimes we have to remind them that you occasionally need some space! And then they catch me cuddling you, and say, "MOOOmmm, he needs some space sometimes!"  So, obviously I can't blame them! You're so cuddly and snuggly!

We still haven't tried any foods with you.  You never seemed interested until just the other day when I caught you staring at some of Dad's chicken at dinner time.  So, we'll try before you're seven months old, I bet.  For now, you're content with nursing several times a day.  You're pretty quick about it, so I am pleased by that, even though I do love your snuggles, of course.  I just sometimes feel like all I am is a cow.  But I remember how stressful it was to me trying to figure out how and when to introduce foods to your brothers, and I figure it is just easiest to only nurse you.  But I suppose you need to learn to eat at some point!

You're sleeping great, per usual.  Sometimes you'll roll to your tummy and can't figure out how to get back over, and need some help, but other than that, you love sleeping! The past few days you've been better than BOTH of your older brothers at night! Way to go! You're napping twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and you go to bed right after your brothers.  Jacob likes having you in his bed for his bedtime story.  And, just like your brothers and mother, you LOVE reading!  Your favorite is Goodnight Moon, and even the big boys enjoy "reading" it to you.  I hope you're going to continue to love reading.  I'd like to have that in common with you.

We're still having some issues with your skin.  You still scratch a lot.  But you don't scratch just your own skin.  You scratch your bed, other people, toys, etc.  So I don't know if you're scratching yourself because your skin is itchy, or if your skin is so bad because you keep scratching. You have no other symptoms of an allergy, so I haven't yet tried going off dairy or other allergens.  But maybe I need to, I don't know.  I just hope it clears up or we figure it out soon, because I hate to see your red patches and scratches!

I've been trying to hard recently to get you to say MAMA.  Both brothers said DADA first, so I'm prepping you early for Mama to be first! Sometimes you do say syllables like MA or BA.  I claim you say MAMA a lot and Jacob claims you say BABA and that is how you say Jacob.  We'll see in a few weeks/months about that.  For now, I'm happy to claim you said Mama first! You love me!

Baby John John, we are so glad you came to our family.  I don't know what we'd do without you.  You fit so well into our family, and we would be much less better off without you in it.  I hope you always stay an angel.  You're the best.  LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

Always and forever,

Six months! 1/2 year! How is that possible!?


Laughing at helper Jacob.

He's an angel! He smiled and laughed for the pictures when this was all he REALLy wanted to be doing. 

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Interview with Jacob at 5.5

What's your name? Owl. I mean Jacob.  I'm pretending my name is Owl. 
How old are you? 5. 
What is your favorite color? All the colors.
What is your favorite thing to eat? Pancakes.
What is your least favorite food? Qdoba chicken.
What is your favorite song? All of them.  
What is your favorite fruit? All the fruits. 
What is your favorite animal? Elephants [with sound effects].
What is your favorite toy? Trains. 
What is your favorite thing to do with Ethan? Play trains with him. 
What is your favorite thing to do with John? Sing, "Turn Down for What" and tickle him. 
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Play trains with him.
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Help make pancakes. 
Who is your best friend?  Everybody.  All my friends that I went to Joy School with.
Where is your favorite place to go? The mall.
What do you like to do with Laska? Scare her away. 
What do you think about? Nothing.
What is your favorite book? Night Light
What is your favorite thing at the zoo? Train. And the playground. 

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Fourth of July 2017

We had a fun time celebrating our Independence Day over the course of several days.  We had a parade, visited lots of family and cousins, and even watched fireworks.  I sure love spending time as a family, even though Jacob hated the fireworks.

First was our city's parade.  It was filled with firetrucks, ambulances, go carts, and lots and lots of candy:

Then, on July 3, we met Mimi at Jacobson Park and played:

Then, we went to the Wilsons house to spend time with the Wilson family.  The night of the fourth, baby John went to sleep and we took the big boys to see the fireworks in Bryan's hometown.  They were so excited, and even caught lightning bugs (big deal for our bug-fearing kids) while waiting patiently for the fireworks to begin.  Once they began, Ethan covered his ears and then LOVED them.  Jacob, on the other hand had a near-panic attack.  He thought the fireworks were going to "get him." Poor thing.  He says he never wants to go see them again.

The next day, we went back to Jacobson Park to play with Aunt Katie and cousins Henry and Eleanor.  I had made tie-dye shirts for the big boys, and then used the extra dye for Bryan, John, and me: 

We attempted pictures with all the Wilson cousins.  Jenna wasn't having it.  I sure love all these fun cousins! 

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John is FIVE Months Old!

Dearest John John,

We love you, baby John! You are five months old today! Wow! That sounds so much older than four months.  Maybe it is because you are definitely exiting/have exited the newborn stage.  You're getting older! Time never stops, does it? While I enjoy watching you and your brothers grow up, it just seems like it goes by too fast! As the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short.  Before I know it, you'll be running around, talking back, and making messes just like your big bros! So, I'm soaking in your baby snuggles, smell, and babbles!

You are sleeping great! You sleep about 12 hours each night, and only wake up occasionally when you don't eat enough during the day.  You nap usually twice per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  We miss you while you're napping! I feel bad that you probably don't get as much attention, but you're so content, I don't think you mind.

You nurse pretty frequently still, probably due to the fact that you sleep so well.  Somedays I still feel like you're nursing all day long.  Probably one day this next month we'll give you some solids to try. Maybe.  You don't seem that interested, so I don't know how that will go.  Anyway, you are a very content, happy guy as long as you are fed and get enough sleep.  People love to be around you!

You are still very large! Though you've slowed down weight-wise, you are still growing length-wise super quickly.  I just put you into 9 month clothes about two weeks ago, but you are already getting close to needing to move up again, just because of how tall you are! You have some great rolls and you are a little chubby, but your height is what is so amazing!

You can now roll over in both directions, but you don't really go belly to back anymore.  I think your preferred position is on your side, with your head on the floor so you don't have to hold that heavy thing up!  You love to rock yourself while sitting up on someone's lap, and I think you're going to love a jumper whenever we pull that out.  You like to jump sometimes while someone is holding you up! You also love to bounce yourself in the bouncer and watch the little animals move.  Everything is so exciting!

You still don't grab your toes, but you do stare at them a lot.  And you almost always have your hands in your mouth. You drool and spit a lot.  You need bibs all the time! Your brothers, like mom and dad, adore you and almost never leave you alone.  They are always touching, kissing, hugging, poking you  or singing to you and don't love it when I tell them to give you some space.  I think they annoy me more than they do you, because you're always laughing and smiling at them.  You're going to be a hit when you do even more things!

We can't imagine life without you.  You're so snuggly and kissable and huggable.  It'd be hard to go a day without my John snuggles! You are our angel baby.  We love, love, love you! Don't grow up, too fast, sweet angel baby John John!

Love you now and forever,

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