John is 1 MONTH Old!

Dear John,

I'm starting your monthly letters, because you are one month old! The first month always goes by quickly, but your's was especially fast.  Probably because you have a February birthday, and it really was 2-3 days shorter than most months! We are so glad you are in our family.  It has been challenging to have three boys, especially with Daddy traveling, but really the adjustment has gone much smoother than I could have hoped.  The big boys, Jacob and Ethan, are absolutely in love with you.  They thank you almost daily for "coming out of Mommy's tummy!" I, too, am so glad you chose to come to earth.  We are so thankful for you.  Your name means Jehovah has been gracious, and I really believe he has been gracious to send you to us!

This first month has been so fun getting to know you.  You are, so far, a pretty serious guy.  You observe your surroundings.  You follow sounds, like voices (especially those you recognize). You LOVE ceiling fans.  Jacob finds that hilarious.  He always says, "He's looking at his fan again!" and laughs. You are usually very content.  You are still not a fan of getting your diaper changed, though you usually only cry if you want to eat.  You know what you want, and when you want it! You are a pretty great nurser, though sometimes you try to latch on too quickly!  You love to have your hair washed, but aren't a fan of getting the rest of your body cleaned.  You have a very stubborn umbilical cord stump that refuses to fall off, so you've only had sponge baths.  Maybe you'll like baths better when you actually get to be in the water! You have been a much better sleeper than one of your older brothers (I won't name names...), and usually do 3-4 hour stretches at night.  I'm so appreciative!

John, you are a pretty big guy! You were in the 93rd percentile at birth, but I've been wondering if you might go down a little.  But so far, you've stayed pretty big! Before you were born, I told Dad that I was a little jealous of people with chunky babies because we'd never had a chubby baby and I thought they were so cute! Then you came out.  You're pretty chubby.  You have very squishable, squeezable, kissable cheeks, and lots of rolls throughout your body.  You're pretty tall, too, but you still have newborn proportions, with a long trunk and short legs.  You wear 3 month clothes, but I'm not sure for how much longer. It is funny to compare your pictures with Jacob and Ethan's, because you're so much bigger than them! I wonder how long that will continue!

You are pretty sweet! You like to be held and snuggled for now and sometimes when you're alone, you like to call out, like you're calling for somebody to be with you.  You have two big brothers that are quick to answer! They have been very good with you, but sometimes Ethan is a little too rough.  You don't like that much.  He had a cold last week, and was very upset that he couldn't be around you very much.  It made him sad! Jacob is a good helper, and always wants hugs and kisses, and for you to lay in his bed with him! I think you have pretty great big brothers.  I hope you three will always be best buddies.

We sure love love love you, Baby John.  I don't know how long you'll let me call you that, but you'll always be my baby boy.  When I first held you tight on my chest, my heart grew a few sizes to make room for you.  And now you'll always have a place there. You are and always will be a beloved part of our family.  Each of us is so grateful to have you.  Can't wait to watch you grow up, but it also doesn't have to go quite as fast as this past month. ;-)

Love you forever and ever, John Hiram.


*1 Month Stats*
Weight: 12 lbs, 2 oz; 95th percentile 
Height: 23.5 inches; 100th percentile
Head: 15.25 inches; 91st percentile

Big guy, I guess! HAHAHA

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The Story of John's Birth

John's birth wasn't exactly what I had expected or hoped for, but he's here safe and sound and that's all I could really ask for.  In the weeks leading up to his birth, my pregnancy had been just like the other two--I started having contractions around 34 or 35 weeks.  They were mostly painless, just more annoying than anything. One difference was that I had severe pelvic pain. I had it with Ethan, but this time it was more frequent and painful, and each week got worse.  I couldn't so much as turn over in bed without gasping in pain.  It got pretty exhausting!

At my 38 and 39 week appointments, I was 3 cm dilated.  And my motherly intuition felt like he was going to come a little early.  Ethan's birth was pretty quick once I arrived at the hospital, and since my mom lives about an hour and a half away, I started to worry that maybe I wouldn't even make it to the hospital before she arrived at our house. I had a backup ready and willing, but I knew the big boys (as I now call them!) would be more comfortable and happy with family.  So, I asked my mom to come up a few days early.  She did. Well, my due date came and went.  At my 40 week appointment on Feb 7, I was still 3-4 cm dilated and as uncomfortable as could be.  Plus, my pelvic pain continued to get worse.  It felt like I was carrying around a bowling ball directly on my pelvic bone. I did NOT want to be induced.  After experiencing pitocin with Jacob and no pitocin with Ethan, I knew I did NOT want it again.  But the thought of being pregnant any longer was just awful to me.  So, when my doctor suggested it, I agreed to it, and threw my expectations and hopes away in exchange for nasty pitocin.

We arrived at the hospital two days later at 40w5d, Feb 9, at 6:30 AM. We didn't even know where labor and delivery was, but luckily a nice gentleman walked us there.  I had eaten some toast and had some juice, but I was feeling a little shaky.  Then, before the nurse put my IV in, I got extremely lightheaded and faint, and got the sweats.  IVs/needles/being poked is annoying, but doesn't scare or bother me.  So, it was kind of weird.  I had to have a cool washcloth and some ice chips to feel better, but I finally did, and the pitocin started at 7:45 AM.  Great start! I had already been having some contractions (like the entire previous month), and they started coming a little more frequently.  Uncomfortable, but not painful.  I turned on the game show network and we watched several programs.  After a few hours, I started having labor pains in my back.  I had never experienced that with Jacob or Ethan, and it was painful and hard to deal with.  The nurse had been asking for several hours if I wanted to get an epidural, and to not wait when I wanted one.  So between her being a little pushy, being afraid of pitocin, the back labor, etc, I went ahead and ordered one.  She arrived to place it around 11, and Bryan stepped out to get some lunch (this was only a few hours after he left to get breakfast! I was hungry, too! ;-) ).  After she placed it a little after 11, my blood pressure dropped to 80/40, and I felt faint and lightheaded again.  She had to give me a few doses of medicine in my IV, and after 15 minutes or so, my blood pressure finally stabilized.  My epidural had started to work, though, and I was feeling comfortable albeit a little itchy.  Bryan came back and started eating Twizzlers in front of me, and I got hungry again.  So I licked a mint, and then got nauseous.  Apparently my body doesn't like fentanyl or anesthesia.  After I felt a little better, I fell asleep!  I woke up when I noticed Bryan looking at the monitor.  I had been laying on my left side with a peanut ball to keep things moving along, so I couldn't see the monitor any more.  When he sat back down, I was about to ask him how things were going when I heard someone from his work talking to him.  He had somehow taken a work video chat!  I was glad I wasn't writhing in pain or something while he talked.

Around 1 PM, I told Bryan that apparently this baby was going to break my 6-hour labor tradition.  I was disappointed in myself for getting the epidural so early and slowing my progress down.  My nurse came in to tell me that my doctor would be in soon and probably break my water.  As she was about to leave, it felt like I was either wetting myself or that my water was starting to leak.  She said to just call if I needed anything. About 45 seconds after she left, my water BROKE.  She checked me and I was at a 6, and then stretched to a 7.  Baby must have taken my 6 hour thing as a challenge! At 1:30 I started to feel a little pressure and the doctor came in because of a few dips in baby's heartrate. That's because he was ready to come! Finally. She asked how long I had pushed with my others, about 3 contractions worth.  I started pushing some, and as he got lower, I realized I could feel everything.  The nurse commented on how well I was able to control my epidural legs, but it was because the epidural wasn't working any more.  I commented at one time, probably out of frustration that I was feeling everything and that it was taking longer than Jacob and Ethan, that I could feel everything, and it felt like the ring of fire! It did make me want to get him out, that's for sure.  And finally, at 1:52 PM, he was out! I was happy but more than that I felt relief.  They put him on my chest and Bryan cut the cord (on the first try!).  I was still feeling everything so I wasn't able to enjoy that moment as much as I would have liked.  They took him away to get checked out and cleaned up, and asked me how much I thought he weighed.  I assumed he'd be heavier than Jacob and Ethan being so late, and I guessed 8 lbs and 1 or 2 oz.  The staff thought that was probably a good guess. So imagine everyone's shock when 9 lbs, 1 oz flashed on the screen! He peed all over his paperwork, and then they brought him to me.  I did skin-to-skin with him on my chest, and in that moment, I could feel my heart grow with love for him.  It really felt like that. He was precious, and so wanted.

We had a list of names, but this time the name didn't come to us right away.  It took some time and a good looking over. I felt pulled toward two, and really I didn't decide until a respiratory therapist came in (John had a mild blood sugar issue at first since he was so big and had to have it checked several times) and asked what his name was.  On learning he was nameless, and without prompting, he said, "I think he looks like a John." That sealed the deal for me, since that was what I had been leaning torward and calling him in my head! Luckily, Bryan agreed to it. John means Jehovah has been gracious, and boy do I believe that, especially in meeting our darling miracle. I wanted Hiram to be in the name after seeing Jacob and Ethan's reactions when they met brother.  They loved him instantly.  And still do. Hiram means exalted brother, and that's exactly what he is.  So, John Hiram Wilson it is!  We went home the next day, and started our new life with John.  It has been challenging, yes, but oh so sweet.  Three boys! We couldn't be more grateful.

He's here, and so sweet and darling.  We're all absolutely smitten.

After being cleaned up and weighed! Big boy! 

Skin to skin with Mom.
Daddy holding John the first time. He wasn't nervous at all with his third boy! 

Meeting the big brothers! They were so excited. 

Getting ready to go home. Same outfit as the other two boys, but it was a little more snug this time! 
Taking Baby John home! The Wilson Family! 

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Welcome #3!

John Hiram Wilson
Born 09 February 2017 at 1:52 PM
9 lbs, 1 oz
20 3/4 (or maybe a bit bigger based on his measurements a few days post-birth) inches

We're all in love!

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Interview with Jacob at age 5

What's your name? Jacob
How old are you? Five. 
What is your favorite color? Umm, all of the colors. 
What is your favorite thing to eat? Quesadilla, grilled cheese, and pancakes.
What is your least favorite food? Lasagna. I like the one kind [Stouffer's], but not the other kind [homemade, womp womp].
What is your favorite song? Whenever I hear the song of a bird [My Heavenly Father Loves Me].
What is your favorite fruit? Raspberries
What is your favorite animal? Elephant and meerkat
What is your favorite toy? Trains
What is your favorite thing to do with Ethan? Run with him
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Hug him
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Kiss you. And my most favorite thing to do with you is sit on your lap.
Who is your best friend? Daddy
Where is your favorite place to go? Qdoba
What do you like to do with Laska? Pretend I'm her.  
What do you think about? Trains. The train at the zoo. 
What is your favorite book? Duck book [We had to read it right after this].
What is your favorite thing at the zoo? Play at the park.

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A Letter to Jacob on his 5TH Birthday!

Dearest Jacob boy,

You are FIVE! Five years old.  For some reason, it just sounds a lot older than four. It has hit me more than past birthdays that you're really growing up! I look back at your baby and toddler pictures and sometimes miss those days, but I really, really enjoy seeing the boy you're becoming.  You're kind, thoughtful, loving, and smart.  You're pretty stubborn, too, but with a stubborn dad and a sometimes stubborn mom, we wouldn't expect anything else. :-)  We feel so privileged to get to have you in our family.  We couldn't ask for a better son.

You are enjoying your preschool group, and learning a lot.  You have a great group of buddies, and I'm so glad you helped us decide to do the co-op preschool thing again this year.  You are getting much better at writing your letters and numbers, though you get frustrated easily.  You are getting a little better at drawing things that are recognizable, but usually you are much to busy to be bothered to draw or color, or do anything very artsy.  You do love to cut things up with scissors and paint, though.  You're getting so close to being able to read, but again, you get frustrated easily when you feel like you can't do it or that I'm pushing you too hard to do it by yourself. You recognize lots of words, though.  I think you'll enjoy being able to read once you just let yourself figure it out.  You won't have to wait for me to read the words in a book to you!  I hope you always enjoy learning, like you do now.

You have such a beautiful singing voice.  You are quickly able to memorize songs, and love to sing, but you can be a little shy about it.  You don't like for me to ask you to sing to me, and sometimes you don't like it when I catch you singing. For the primary program at church a few months ago, you learned all of the songs and sang your heart out in the front row.  I loved watching you and hearing you that day! I love to sing and music has brought me so many good experiences that I hope you continue to enjoy it, and will soon sing for me/with me whenever I want!

You still aren't the best eater--in fact you're quite picky--but you do have some favorites! If it were up to you, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, and/or pancakes would be on the menu every day.  You gobble them up when we have them!  You will finally eat fried chicken (nuggets, tenders, popcorn chicken), but most other meat is still a big fat NO! You do like sausage, especially on pizza and bacon. Sometimes you'll eat a bite or two of other stuff, if you have ketchup.  You do try to eat a bite or two when we make you, in order to get treats! You love all sorts of treats (just like Mom...). Smart boy.

Your favorite thing to do is play with trains.  Some days you play with trains at home, and then ask to go to the library or bookstore, and play with trains there, and then come home and play with trains again.  It makes me laugh.  You are a very creative track builder.  I enjoy seeing the things you come up with, and the stories you tell and act out with your trains. You recently said you'd like to be a train driver when you grow up! You also enjoy playing with tractors, running, jumping, playing in the snow (BRRR), reading, Star Wars, and cars.  I like seeing all of your interests!

You have become such a helpful boy.  You are always doing things for me or others.  You take dishes to the sink after meals, feed Laska and let her out and in the door, like to mop and sweep and dust, help Ethan with things like putting on his shoes, etc.  I hope you always enjoy serving others! It makes you happy now, and I think it will continue to as you keep doing it!

One of the things I love most about you is how much you love your family.  You love your friends and spending time with them, but you love even more spending time with me, Daddy, and Ethan.  You have a good sense of what home means.  You love to visit and spend time with your extended family, too.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins excite you to no end! A lot of times after spending time with extended family, you need a day to relax because you get so tired from being so excited.  Family is so important, and I'm so glad you don't need me to teach you that.  You just get it. I hope that never changes.

We are so lucky to get to have you in our family.  Seriously.  I can't imagine life without you. I'm so glad to have known you these past five years.  Yes, we can butt heads and argue, but I am genuinely glad to get to spend time with you every day.  I love you, Jacob boy. We love you.  You're a great big brother, and I know you'll keep being good to your newest little brother, due to arrive anytime.  You're a great son, too.  I learn so much from you.  I hope to be as caring as you one day.  Please know that we love love love you.  Keep being you.  It's a pleasure to have you and know you and get to love you.

Happy 5th birthday, Jacob.

Love you forever,

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December/Christmas 2016

Bryan was away traveling from right after Thanksgiving through the middle of December, so we had kind of a weird Christmas season.  But, we tried to make the most of it, too.  Here's a picture timeline of events!

Leading up to Christmas:

Mimi stayed with us a few nights, so we took advantage of a warmer night and went to admire the zoo lights.
Jacob gave a talk to his primary at church about the star in Bethlehem and Jesus's light. He decided what to talk about, and did a really good job even though he told me later, "I WAS nervous because I thought the other children wouldn't like it."

We went to a Breakfast with Santa event at our firestation. They boys were thrilled to see the firetrucks and ambulances.
And Jacob especially was even more thrilled to meet Santa.  And can I just say, he was the best Santa!
Ethan told me in line that he was going to tell Santa about the rug in his room.  Sure enough when Santa asked, "What about you?" referring to what it was he wanted for Christmas Ethan replied, "I have a new rug in my room. It has lots of colors." Ok then.  
Santa made me and the baby get in a picture, too.  Then we were all rewarded with candy canes. 

We went to a Christmas party at church which was Grinch-themed. The boys loved all the decor.  They wanted their pictures with the fireplace and the Grinch! 
Who knows what Jacob was mad about.  At least Ethan looked like he had a good time!
Great shopping buddy! 
It "snowed" one day, and Jacob HAD to play in it. When I say it snowed, I mean there were little tiny flurries for not very long. I let him go out and run around while Ethan was napping.  I looked out the window and he was running from tiny dusting pile to tiny dusting pile and having the best time.  I had to make him come inside.
Jacob's preschool group did a little program at a nursing home. He played a shepherd, and this was the best photo he let me take. 
When Bryan was finally home, he took me out to the ballet to see The Nutcracker.
Mimi came to babysit, and while she was taking photos of Bryan and I, Jacob creeped in, then Ethan joined in. I'm so glad.  My mom said for Ethan and Jacob to keep their heads up.  Jacob heard hand!
Bryan at the ballet!

Christmas Eve:

One tradition: watching A Muppet Christmas Carol! 

Jacob received some "magic reindeer food" from his Sunday School teacher, and had been dying to put it out on Christmas Eve! He even checked the next day to see if it was gone. 

Another tradition: new Christmas pajamas! 
After Santa's visit.

Christmas Day:

We first went to church.  The boys were so well behaved for these before-church pictures! 

After church we did presents and stockings. 
And Jacob spent the few minutes he had before we left for family celebrations playing with all his new train tracks.
First family celebration was at my mom's.  Boys in birth order! Two more babies (and finally a girl!) will be in 2017's pictures!
They were supposed to hold their stockings for the picture. The three younger ones dug right in! 
We went to the Wilsons afterwards, but it was late and all the kiddos were ready for bed, so in a rush, we didn't take any pictures! 


The day after Christmas, we went to Malone's with the Wilsons, where Ethan ate a cheeseburger and half of Granddad's steak, and a lot of mine, too. 
Birth order photo with the Wilson cousins.  Best one we ever got. Jacob is dressed like Elmo and Jenna had to borrow some of Everett's pants, and kind of looks like another boy.  She was dressed so cute the next day, but Everett had the flu, and our kids were busy and never still, so we never got a better photo. Such is life. 

Finally, since I'm not above bribery, I told the boys that if they were really good while Dad was out of town, we'd take him to see the zoo lights, too.  We made good on that promise.  It was a little colder than our first visit, and everyone in Kentucky and Ohio were there, and we had to wait a long time to board the train, which was close to being closed due to a maintenance problem, but it all worked out and we had a great time!

And Christmas 2016 is in the books! Holidays are so much funner with kids. Everything was special to them. 

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