John at 17 months


We've had a good month! I'm late writing this letter to you, because we've been so busy settling in and playing in at our new house. We live in the Bluegrass! I'm so excited for you to grow up with your cousins. We are so lucky! We've been having lots of fun!

You still aren't walking. And of course, I'm getting worried. I know it will come soon, and especially on your own time. You did decide this month that it might be ok afterall to crawl on your hands and knees. Ha. You still do what we call the "John-crawl" a lot, but you also crawl like a normal baby sometimes now, too! And you've been pulling up a lot more, and you are figuring out walking while holding on our hands. So it's going in the right direction, but it will still be awhile. And that's ok. Even though my back and arms are always sore from carrying you around. You're heavy! :-)

You talk so much. And a lot of things are clear. You have started to put a few words together.  You love talking about food. And books. And you LOVE to say, "BUS!" It's my favorite word, and it's my favorite when you find one. Your whole body goes stiff. I think you like busses. And trucks! You also like those. You love saying hi and bye to "brothers" and "da-da." One thing I don't like is when you are being impatient or calling for me from another room, you often just say, "MOM!" instead of Mama. What are you, 15?

You love to dance and you love music. You love songs with a good beat. You sing very loudly at church. Even sometimes when no one else is! Dance and sing to your own music, buddy. I'm fine with that. You've also started doing a darling "cheese" face. Gosh, I just think you are the cutest!

You are a very loving boy. You love giving and receiving kisses and hugs. You love spending time with people you love. And we all just love being with you! Every single one of us gets excited when you wake up in the morning or after naps and want to be the first to see you! You're our angel baby. But you're growing up, and soon you won't be a baby anymore! I think we'll still call you our angel baby John, though. And maybe we always will! We can't wait to keep watching you grow up!

Love you, sweet angel, forever.


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John, 16 Months

Dearest John,

I'm sorry, but I'm late with your letter! We've had a busy few months. We sold our house in Northern KY and had to quickly find one in central KY. So this month, we've been busy with Jacob finishing up kindergarten, packing, and everything that goes along with selling a house and buying a new one! But, I'm so excited to see you grow up in our new home! It's gonna be great!

You aren't walking, or even close. Maybe one day! But you are talking, talking, talking! You always know what you are saying. I don't always know, but I'm starting to pick out more and more. Your best words definitely have to do with food!

You LOVE food. But just the foods that you want. Mostly breads or crackers and fruit. And fruit. And more fruit. Your tastes are SO similar to your oldest brother. Who is very picky, so I'm not terrible excited about the prospect of you being a good eater in the future. But, at least you like fruit! There are worse things, I suppose.

You love books, balls, and cars! You could read for hours.  You always have one of those three (or two or all three) in your hands. It's fun when all three of you boys play with cars together. It's sweet!  It doesn't usually last long, yet, but I'm sure soon you will all three be playing together a lot more. They sure love you! And I think the feelings are mutual, since you are always looking for them and wanting to be with them!

We sure love you, sweet one. You are still our little angel. Thanks for coming to our family. We couldn't imagine life without you.

Much love,

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John's 15 Month Letter

Dearest John John,

You've been earth-side for 15 months! We are so glad to know you. You are so full of love for all of us, and we, in turn, are each so full of love for you! You have some gross motor delays (i.e. you don't show any interest in walking whatsoever), but instead of being worried, I'm remarkably ok with it, because it seems like you are still a baby! And I want you to stay little. Don't get me wrong, I like watching you learn new things, but I just don't want your baby-ness to be over. You're my angel baby!

So yes, you aren't at all interested in walking. We've gotten you to stand for a few seconds at a time, but you would much rather move the way you prefer. You don't crawl with your belly off the ground, but you get where you want to go. And once you're there, your content to stay where you are, doing what you want to do. It usually involves reading a book, or holding a ball, or taking things out of containers. While I write this, I'm watching you play in a cabinet that you somehow figured out how to open. Just sitting there. You're just a content little man!

You've become more of a picky eater (just like big bro Jacob!). No meat, except sometimes ground turkey or beef, if hidden in a sauce or soup. You really only want to eat fruit, cheese, or bread. I can usually get you to at least try everything once, but once you decide you don't like it, that's the end! It does seem like you are starting to like rice! Before you hated it. So we'll just keep trying things out and hoping for the best! You love to drink milk. You occasionally tolerate water, but you much prefer milk. You are very impatient when it comes to food! But once you get something you like, you get very excited and are ready to go!

You learn new words everyday, so your vocabulary is increasing quickly. You are a talker! You are always saying something, even if we can't understand it. You only say Mama when you're mad that you aren't getting food quickly enough. You love saying Dada, Jacob, ball, book, SHOES!, outside, blueberry, ba-ba (banana), milk, sometimes Ethan, Gaga (Laska), HI!, bye-bye and SO much more. I love hearing you talk. You are very expressive.

You love to be outside! Which is why you know that word, I suppose. If you hear anyone even say the word "outside" your body stiffens, your eyes get wide, you flap you arms, and say "SHOES! SHOES! SHOES!" until someone puts them on and heads outside. You're pretty content anyway, but something about being outside just makes you lay back and enjoy life.

You sleep great, and are now down to just one nap per day. Which has been a little hard because by 10:30 AM you'd be happy to lay down and sleep. It's fine if we're out and about--you get distracted. But at home, you get a little fussy in the late mornings before lunch. But it has been fun because we can get out and do more. I'm looking forward to a FUN summer.

You are such a sweetheart. We love you, enjoy so much about you, and are so happy you're in our family.  Keep being my little angel!

Much love, now and forever,

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John is 14 Months Old!

Dearest John John,

You are 14 months old! I'm so glad you came to us 14 months ago. I can't imagine life without you, or our family without you in it. It wouldn't be our family. You're a wonderful addition, and I feel grateful every day you are here with us.

You're a very quick army crawler! You still get on your knees a lot and rock or go backwards a little, but you much prefer to just army crawl with your belly on the ground. You're getting close to being able to stand on your own. You have pretty good balance, and you like to stand while holding other people's hands. You are also starting to scoot on your bottom while sitting. Not very far, and only here and there, but at least you are moving in your own ways! You like to get into things. I've caught you in the hall closet, pulling out pieces of your brothers' board games and in the pantry pulling out gatorades. That's one of your favorite things to do--pulling things out of containers. When you empty something, I just fill it back up with the same things and you start over. Keeps you entertained for many minutes, which is a lot in baby time!

You also love reading. It's no wonder book was one of your first words! You are almost always holding a book. You also love your brothers with the real, paper pages. And you're generally careful with them! As a lover of books and reading myself, I feel very proud! Keep up the habit!

You're saying Mama, Dada, book (BA!), Jacob (ba-ba), HI!, bye-bye, Ethan (da-da, only sometimes), Laska (ga-ga, only sometimes), THAT!, boo, go, and lots of other unintelligible things that you understand and I don't.  You can sign nurse, all done, and more, but you rarely do. No patience for that, since they usually involve food and you have no patience when you are hungry. It's really the only time you get fussy, when I don't get you food quickly enough.

You like to eat things that you know you like, but you are picky! You don't eat much meat. You used to like black beans, but have started to not eat them as much. You do like tomatoes, and really any kind of fruit. Except apples. You just stuff about 503 apples into your mouth, then I have to scoop them out because you refuse to chew and swallow them. You love yogurt, cheese, bread, and peanut butter. And you like drinking milk! You're the first boy to actually like it.  I had to mix the other boys' with breast milk and then water. Not you! You love it. I'm hoping it makes weaning a little easier than it was with Ethan, but that is not looking to be the case. You love nursing! I think you actually like the closeness with Mom, that can't be accomplished in other ways! As a third child, with busy brothers, I get it and I'll keep it up for now, but I do hope there will be a day when I'm not tied down to ya. I would like just a tiny bit of freedom sometimes, to feel like I have an identity other than just mom/cow.

With that being said, it sure is a pleasure to be your mom! I feel very grateful, and honestly, lucky to be your mom, especially. I don't deserve you. You're an angel! Heaven on earth. THanks, little buddy. We all love you, and are loving watching you grow up. Just not too fast, deal?

Love you, angel John, forever and always,

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Easter 2018

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Annual March Photo 2018

Unfortunately Bryan was out of town, and I forgot to get Laska in the picture. But here's me and the boys, cheering on the CATS in March!

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John is 13 Months Old!

Dearest John,

You are over 1 now! 13 months! You're still my little angel. As long as your fed, slept, and have a book! You are just jolly and happy. I love to be around you. And it is just a joy to be your mom! I am so glad you're a part of our family.

This month, you've been talking up a storm.  Most of it is still unintelligible, but I've picked out a few things. Mama, Dada, book (BA!), UH-OH (my favorite), I think Jacob (kind of like ba-ba), sometimes sort of Ethan (da-da), and Laska (ga-ga). Your favorite game is to throw something out of the highchair or stroller and say uh-oh until someone picks it up for you, and then start over. You think it is hilarious. We do, too, for a while, and for now. You're cute, how can we resist?! Ethan has started calling you, "the cutest baby in the whole world" and he isn't shy about who he tells! See, your brothers love you!

You're a big eater, and will try mostly anything. But, if you don't like it the first time, you usually won't try it again and you like to fuss until you get something you do like. You LOVE taco soup, any fruit, cheese, bread, peanut butter, yogurt, oatmeal (as long as those are mixed with fruit!), and Cheerios.  You don't love many vegetables, but occasionally you'll eat some broccoli. You aren't a big meat eater, but you tolerate ground turkey and beef, and a few bites of chicken here or there. Your oldest bro could be a vegetarian, and your tastes are similar to his, so I'm not surprised.

Your moving a lot more, but still don't crawl with your belly off the floor. But you now at least have more interest! You get where you need/want to go pretty fast doing a roll/army crawl combo. You pull up while holding my hands, so I know you could do it elsewhere, but you don't really. You're just content! If you can't get to something, you find something else to interest you. I'm glad you're that way, but it is causing slight delays in your motor development. For now, though, I'm fine with that!  You're into a lot, which especially bothers Ethan since he usually is the one that leaves his toys for you to find. He tries hard to share, but he has a few special toys that he worries about you playing with. He's a good brother though!

This month, your brothers and father made me cut your hair! Secretly, I think it looks cute, but not-so-secretly, I'm sad that it made you look so old! You're soon not going to be a baby anymore! Considering you've been the best baby, I will miss this time. But, your hair is gone, it will grow, and so will you!

You've recently started dancing pretty much any time you hear music. It is the BEST. So cute. Neither your father nor me are big dancers, so I apologize for any lack of skill you may have inherited, but for now, it's great! I hope you'll ever be embarrassed to dance and have fun, even if you don't have the best moves. Your brothers still love dancing, so I foresee many dance parties in your future!

We had your birthday party with cousin Eleanor a week or so after your birthday, and had so much fun! You enjoyed playing with/watching your cousins.  I was so glad to celebrate YOU! And Eleanor, but particularly YOU! Because we are so proud of you! And lucky to have you. We love you, dear angel John John. Keep being you.

Much love forever,

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