Fourth of July 2017

We had a fun time celebrating our Independence Day over the course of several days.  We had a parade, visited lots of family and cousins, and even watched fireworks.  I sure love spending time as a family, even though Jacob hated the fireworks.

First was our city's parade.  It was filled with firetrucks, ambulances, go carts, and lots and lots of candy:

Then, on July 3, we met Mimi at Jacobson Park and played:

Then, we went to the Wilsons house to spend time with the Wilson family.  The night of the fourth, baby John went to sleep and we took the big boys to see the fireworks in Bryan's hometown.  They were so excited, and even caught lightning bugs (big deal for our bug-fearing kids) while waiting patiently for the fireworks to begin.  Once they began, Ethan covered his ears and then LOVED them.  Jacob, on the other hand had a near-panic attack.  He thought the fireworks were going to "get him." Poor thing.  He says he never wants to go see them again.

The next day, we went back to Jacobson Park to play with Aunt Katie and cousins Henry and Eleanor.  I had made tie-dye shirts for the big boys, and then used the extra dye for Bryan, John, and me: 

We attempted pictures with all the Wilson cousins.  Jenna wasn't having it.  I sure love all these fun cousins! 

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John is FIVE Months Old!

Dearest John John,

We love you, baby John! You are five months old today! Wow! That sounds so much older than four months.  Maybe it is because you are definitely exiting/have exited the newborn stage.  You're getting older! Time never stops, does it? While I enjoy watching you and your brothers grow up, it just seems like it goes by too fast! As the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short.  Before I know it, you'll be running around, talking back, and making messes just like your big bros! So, I'm soaking in your baby snuggles, smell, and babbles!

You are sleeping great! You sleep about 12 hours each night, and only wake up occasionally when you don't eat enough during the day.  You nap usually twice per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  We miss you while you're napping! I feel bad that you probably don't get as much attention, but you're so content, I don't think you mind.

You nurse pretty frequently still, probably due to the fact that you sleep so well.  Somedays I still feel like you're nursing all day long.  Probably one day this next month we'll give you some solids to try. Maybe.  You don't seem that interested, so I don't know how that will go.  Anyway, you are a very content, happy guy as long as you are fed and get enough sleep.  People love to be around you!

You are still very large! Though you've slowed down weight-wise, you are still growing length-wise super quickly.  I just put you into 9 month clothes about two weeks ago, but you are already getting close to needing to move up again, just because of how tall you are! You have some great rolls and you are a little chubby, but your height is what is so amazing!

You can now roll over in both directions, but you don't really go belly to back anymore.  I think your preferred position is on your side, with your head on the floor so you don't have to hold that heavy thing up!  You love to rock yourself while sitting up on someone's lap, and I think you're going to love a jumper whenever we pull that out.  You like to jump sometimes while someone is holding you up! You also love to bounce yourself in the bouncer and watch the little animals move.  Everything is so exciting!

You still don't grab your toes, but you do stare at them a lot.  And you almost always have your hands in your mouth. You drool and spit a lot.  You need bibs all the time! Your brothers, like mom and dad, adore you and almost never leave you alone.  They are always touching, kissing, hugging, poking you  or singing to you and don't love it when I tell them to give you some space.  I think they annoy me more than they do you, because you're always laughing and smiling at them.  You're going to be a hit when you do even more things!

We can't imagine life without you.  You're so snuggly and kissable and huggable.  It'd be hard to go a day without my John snuggles! You are our angel baby.  We love, love, love you! Don't grow up, too fast, sweet angel baby John John!

Love you now and forever,

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St. Simons Island 2017

We traveled to Georgia, and spent a few days with family on the beach! It was a great trip!  Here it is in photos:

At the airport watching planes.

All aboard on the plane! 

First view of the beach! 

John's first day at the beach!

John put his toes in for the first time! 

Boys were always busy at the "little ocean" (a tidal pool probably filled with bacteria)
Playing with cousins. 
This is the third year in a row I didn't get any pictures of the boys/our family at the lighthouse. Grr. But Bryan and I each rode to the lighthouse each morning on our bike rides. 
John spent much of the beach time like this! On another note, we had the worst luck with sunglasses--I left John's at home and then almost forgot mine and ran back to get them, only to lose them in the ocean the first day! 

Jacob climbed this almost all by himself! 
Playing in the big oak! 
OUr last night we walked on the pier, and watched people fish.  One person caught a stingray (which I didn't photograph).
Reading the safety information card on the flight home. 
Fell asleep during the last 10 minutes of the flight. He did so much better this year on the flight! Last year he screamed and cried the second he got on the plane because he got nervous.  On the way there, he held my hand the whole flight, but on the way home, he was even more brave!

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Father's Day 2017

We're so glad to have Bryan in our lives! He works so hard for us.  Everything he does is to help his family.  He's a good dad, and loves our boys a lot. We're lucky! We were traveling on Father's Day, and I didn't really take a single picture of him and the boys.  Oops. But here are some photos we took to give him:

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Baby John is 4 Months Old!

Dearest Baby John,

I love you! You are such an angel baby.  We all adore you.  Yes, sometimes the big boys get jealous of all the attention you get, but even they ADORE you.  You're so darling. And I might just be biased, but I think everyone who meets you falls in love, too.

You love to snuggle.  I love when you bury your heavy head into my shoulder.  It just feels right.  It might just be because you're so giant, and need to rest your big head, but I don't care.  Rest your weary, big head anytime! You also prefer to be with people when you're awake, rather than being somewhere by yourself.  You're a Wilson! You like to know what's going on, of course.

You have recently started to really find your voice! The big boys think your dinosaur squeals/roars are humorous, unless they are trying to watch something on the TV.  Then they unpolitely request that you try to be quieter.  You just want to be heard! And you always have a story to tell.  Jacob likes to make up what you are saying.  Sometimes, it's pretty comical stuff! Other than that, you rarely cry, only when hungry or sleepy.  You are a very content little guy.

You're growing, and still pretty big! I unscientifically weighed you the other day and you were 17 lbs! At not even 4 months.  For reference, Jacob and Ethan were both only 18 lbs, at ONE YEAR OLD.  You are very tall, too.  You barely fit into 6 month clothes, and really I'm stuffing you into a lot of them.  Your 9 month sized clothes are coming out soon.  I've had to buy some new ones, since the older boys didn't need 9 month summer clothes! I love all of your rolls, and how tall you are. It's different than the other boys, but very fun.  Though, my knees could use a break from carrying you around! ;-) We'll see how much you really weigh at your check-up next week.

You are sleeping pretty well! We've finally moved you permanently to your own room, after spending some time in our room and in my closet.  You've started taking some really good, pretty consistent naps, and as long as you nurse ok during the day (sometimes the big boys are distracting!), you sleep about 12 hours at night! Wow! Thanks! Some nights you wake up once, but you've been pretty great.  We've finally had to stop swaddling you, since one night you somehow ended up with the swaddle off the bottom half of you, but had the top half of it kind of on your head.  Yikes.  But you scratch your face and head so badly that you always looks like you've been attacked by cats.  So, I've started putting socks on your hands.  But, you also have started to like sucking your thumb, which you can't do with socks on, which makes you very frustrated.  So, we're now trying out keeping one hand with no sock.  It seems to be working ok.  It's all trial and error with babies, if I've learned anything.  I just want you to be comfortable and happy, and maybe stop bleeding all over everything from your self-inflicted facial wounds!

You're getting close to being able to roll over from back to tummy.  You can go from tummy to back, but you don't do it very often anymore.  I think you're starting to like being on your tummy, once you get yourself comfy.  You do like to be comfortable! That's another Wilson trait. ;-)

You've been such a joy.  I wanted to have another baby for awhile before you came along, but I'm so glad we had to wait a little while for you.  Because YOU were meant to be in our family, at this time. I am sure of that. Thank you for coming to our family.  You are so special to us, so loved, so wanted, so adored.  I hope you always know that.

Love you, forever and always,

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Jacob's Last Day of PRE-K

Jacob had his last day of Pre-K Joy School on May 24, 2017.  I'm so glad we did Joy School with him.  He has learned so very much, and has some very good buddies that have sure grown up with him.  Jacob is a good kid, frustrating and strong-willed at times yes, but a good kid.  He has a good heart, and Joy School has helped him come out of his shell a little and helped him find joy in his life, in addition to learning things like writing, reading, numbers, etc.  He's ready for kindergarten, albeit very nervous.

We had a little graduation the next Saturday, which was a fun celebration of our 2 years of Joy School with this group of buddies! Thanks to one of the other moms, we got some great photos!

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